Masala Chai

The Autumn chill has started to set in and this means hot drinks will be consumed more and more frequently! One of my favourites is masala chai, a delicious spiced tea. The spices seem to warm me up that little bit more than a regular cup of tea, so I find it perfect for colder weather, and it always feels like a wonderful indulgence with those heavenly spices and a touch of something sweet like honey or agave nectar. Masala chai can be expensive if you buy it ready-made but it is oh so easy to make your own and if you make up a concentrate it’s as easy as adding a splash to your normal cup of tea or a couple of frozen cubes of concentrate to your pot of milk on the stove.



I make my masala chai concentrate in the pressure cooker using my favourite combination of spices (I like it spicy) including lots of black pepper! Simply add your spices, grating the ginger if you choose to use it, add water and boil away. Once your concentrate is strong enough strain out the spices and store in a clean bottle in the fridge or pour into an ice cube tray and freeze.


It always amazes me how potent these spices are. So much power in such little packages.









In My Teapot

I thought I share a peak inside my teapot. All herbs were grown just outside our back gate on the verge  and were picked and washed immediately before being popped in the teapot. The herbs are rose geranium, mint, and chamomile. I also added some freshly grated ginger and little runny honey. Delicious!

Chamomile plant


inside teapot

Of course there are many different herbal teas you can make at home, with either fresh or dried herbs. It’s great to be able to tailor a blend to meet your needs. My all time favourite drink is peppermint tea and even with two mint plants I don’t have enough mint to drink it fresh all the time! Sometimes when I’m making a pot of the dried teabag version I will crush or chop up just a couple of leaves and throw them in for the vibrancy. What is your favourite herbal tea? Do you make or grow your own blend?


herbal tea