Seedling Cloche

You may remember my loofah seedlings from my Reuse Greenhouse post. Well they were ready to be planted out so they have been relocated to the garden bed, a large pot, and a couple even made it to my mother’s garden up the coast. Those that remained in my garden have been protected with more reuse- drink bottle cloches! We don’t go through a lot of soft drink in this house so I had to make the most of my empty soda water bottle. I cut it in two and the top section was ready to use straight after removing the lid, the bottom half required thirty seconds with a drill to create a hole in the top. Ta da! Safe seedlings!





Reuse Greenhouse

Gardening whilst living in the inner city is possible, you just have to get a little bit creative and make the most of your space. I was fortunate enough to receive some loofa seeds from a lovely lady, who I’ve never even met, named Sarah. I’ve wanted to grow my own loofas for a while now, it’s quite a change to grow something functional rather than aesthetic or edible (though you can eat loofas when they’re young) and loofas are just so intriguing! The seeds must be soaked for 24 hours before being planted in seed raising mix and kept in a greenhouse until the seedlings are large enough to transplant. Of course I have neither the room nor the money for a greenhouse so I made my own out of things most people have lying around the house.

You will need:
toilet rolls
strawberry punnet
seed raising mix / potting mix

This is how we do it:
First fold your toilet roll in half vertically

Then fold again

Cut the roll in half

Cut along each fold line, about halfway up, then fold each section down, overlapping the last section with the first, until you have a base like that of a cardboard box

Fill with seed raising mix, place in your punnet and plant away! The plastic punnet acts as a little greenhouse and is small enough to fit in whatever tiny sheltered corner you have available. I line mine up along the side fence.

And the best part- the toilet rolls breakdown in the garden so you don’t even have to remove your seedlings, you just bung the whole tube in the ground! Too easy!