Marvellous Macramé

I love indoor plants. Love them. Especially hanging plants. There’s something about tendrils cascading and over-flowing that proclaims health and relaxation.  They turn a utilitarian environment into something fecund and verdant.

Of course hanging plants go hand in hand with macramé. Once the epitome of style only to be relegated to the daggy corners of the craft world in recent history, macramé has made a comeback. I had coveted the new stylish incarnations on etsy but was pleasantly surprised when I decided to save my pretty pennies and have a go at macramé myself. It’s so easy!

A little googling led me to Green Villages To DIY For: Crafty Ideas to Green Up Your Act, the second of which happens to be macramé. I like this tutorial because there is a YouTube video to watch as well as PDF instructions you can download for more detailed reference. It was very easy to follow and very soon I had my own little pot holder!


It’s very plain for macramé but sometimes simple is best, at least to start! I’ve since borrowed a couple of old macramé books from the library so we’ll see if I can make something more detailed with a little practice. I’m looking forward to making more plant hangers as gifts, hopefully with a little potted seedling I’ve raised myself included!

What’s your verdict on macramé, daggy or delightful?