Gosh darn!

You often hear reference being made to darning, especially socks, but it’s a skill or technique seldom used these days. It’s certainly not one I’ve mastered but I’m quite happy to put it to practise to mend a favourite comfy skirt I wear about the house.

First things first- get a cup and place it beneath the hole in your piece of clothing. Stretch the fabric a little to keep it taunt (as you can see I hold it between my knees).

Step 1

Next using a needle and thread that matches the fabric (stripes make that a little difficult) sew vertically across the hole.

Step 2

Then it’s time to go horizontal! Weave the needle through the vertical stitches (under over etc) making sure to alternate each row.

Step 3

That’s it- you’re done! As you can see below I’m no expert but the hole is mended and I can wear my favourite house skirt again. Have you attempted to darn a piece of clothing? Or is there a mending skill you’re determined to master?

All done!


Replacement Parts

Tragedy struck this morning when Butterfingers (aka my husband) dropped our coffee plunger and the glass broke. If this had occurred a few years ago our first course of action would have been to throw the whole thing out and go and buy a new one. Not these days. Instead we headed to the shops to track down a replacement glass insert, and it wasn’t hard to find either. With only a short walk, visit to one shop, and $14.95 the coffee plunger was fixed and brewing again. Coffee never tasted so good.

Whilst shopping it was interesting to note the cheaper brands did not sell replacement parts, despite being poorer quality and more likely to break. I will now check if replacement parts are available before making large purchases as I believe it is a sign the company expects their product to last long enough to potentially wear out parts. My original plunger was purchased when I left home at 18, without giving my exact age away it has lasted well over 10 years before this breakage and I imagine it will now last many more.

The simple act of pausing before purchasing a whole new coffee plunger has saved us money and I think the environment would thank us too (the broken glass will be recycled). What parts have you replaced and what did it save you?