Christmas cake

Christmas preparations

Yes, you read correctly! It may only be October but it’s the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas, or more specifically Christmas Cake. This year I am partaking in the Down To Earth Forums bake-a-long. We’re baking from the Bourke Street Bakery recipe book, which I was lucky enough to purchase the other day with a gift card from my lovely mother-in-law. The recipe require you to soak the dried fruit in a brandy and sugar syrup for approximately a month before baking. In the first week you must stir the mixture daily, then once a week until it is time to bake.

I love the ritual of lifting the lid and slowly turning over the glistening fruit. The little squares of peel appear like citrine jewels and I imagine how much we shall enjoy our Christmas!


What are your plans for Christmas? Have you already started preparations?