Midweek Meals- Red Cabbage Salad

This would have to be the most simple recipe ever. There are only two ingredients- red cabbage and mint. Whenever red cabbage is in season I buy one and make this salad. I usually make a huge bowl which lives in the fridge and makes an appearance at every lunch and dinner that week. I don’t know what it is but this salad makes me feel alive. It pairs really well with yoghurt (another favourite ‘live’ food of mine) and is great added to wraps or as a side.

Knowing there is a bowl of something healthy ready and waiting takes the pressure off and means I can focus on preparing only one or two other components of a meal. Simple eating at its best.






Sauerkraut is deliciously healthy and oh so easy to make using lacto-fermentation. You simply slice your cabbage, salt it and if you like, add whey to kick start the process. This was my second attempt at making sauerkraut (I just didn’t feel confident about my first lot so threw it out), this time I followed the method Sarah Wilson details on her blog and had great success. Just look at that colour!

Do you ferment any vegetables? What techniques and vessels have you had the most success with?