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Natural air freshener DIY

Natural Air Freshener

The key to a fresh smelling house is ventilation, keeps those windows open people! Sometimes you want to add a little extra fragrance though, for a special occasion or just to lift the mood. Here’s how you can do so without resorting to chemical-filled cans or plug-ins. The bonus is you can make it ahead of time and simply heat when the time comes to use it!

Natural air freshener DIY

All you need is a jar, water, and whatever smells good to you! I included citrus peel, a sprig of lavender, a rose geranium leaf, dried liquorice root, and a couple of drops of essential oil. Crush the botanicals a little to release their fragrance, pop them in the jar, top up with water and add any essential oil you fancy. You can keep it in the fridge for about a week and heat it up multiple times. I simply pop the jar in a bowl of hot water (I usually make myself a cup of tea and the leftover boiling water gets put to this use) and once nice and warm remove the lid. If you have a microwave you could give it a quick zap, minus the lid of course!

It’s lovely to enjoy the beautiful scent permeating your home knowing there’s nothing sinister accompanying the fragrance. Due to the nature of sourcing the scents (flowers, fruits etc) your air freshener will almost aways be seasonally appropriate which I really love. That and the practically non-existant cost!