Seasonal delights

It is so easy to forget just how good a simple fresh orange is to eat. Sliced into quarters it’s the prefect snack food. Sweet, juicy, textural. Healthy enough that I’m happy for my toddler to eat more than her fair share and delicious enough for her to want to do so.

The best oranges are of course grown locally and in season. Fresh produce simply tastes better and eating seasonly ensures you appreciate the various fruit and veg when it’s their turn to come out to play. It’s so easy to lose touch with the seasons when you have food imported from all over the world and ‘climate control’ air conditioning disguising the real temperature and humidity. Eating seasonally reconnects us to our local environment and one looks forward to winter citrus and summer strawberries. I had gotten into the habit of using oranges in cakes, puddings, and preserves so I was delighted when Willa and I sat down to enjoy this one with so little preparation.

So often the simple things really are the best.



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