A lovely long weekend

For the Easter long weekend my little family and I decided to head up the Coast to stay at my childhood home. My parents had headed west to visit my Nan so it was just us hanging out at home with a change of scenery.

We started Good Friday by riding down to the Fish Markets bright and early to beat the hordes. The day was just beautiful and after we had snared our fish we treated ourselves to hot drinks and pastries on the waters edge.

Blackwattle Bay

Almond croissant

The drive in holiday traffic was horrendous so I shall gloss over that bit and focus on the lovely time at Mum and Dad’s. The evenings were crisp so we lit a fire every night (our first of the season) and it brought back so many memories seeing our daughter sitting in the front of the fire just like I used when I was a kid (though I didn’t have a sweet etch-a-sketch picked up at Vinnies for $3!). So much better than sitting in front of the telly!


There was lots of  exploring to do. We wandered around the garden collecting lemons and herbs, spotting this little skink hiding in the herb garden amongst the rosemary and pumpkins.


One day we headed over to the back paddock in search of the chestnut tree (turns out it came down in a storm a few years ago so we picked macadamias instead) and visited the creek and billabong. Perfect exploring outfit, don’t you think?



It was so nice to do nothing and just enjoy each others company in different surroundings. A change really is as good as a holiday, and lets face it, this is what we could afford. By the time we headed back to Sydney we were well rested, well fed, and determined to take more of these little breaks in the future. A long weekend is long enough to give you a real break but short enough to be affordable. How often do you get away from it all? Any tips for a break on a budget?


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