Of course you can’t deal with a citrus glut without making marmalade. It’s the perfect way to use up citrus fruit whilst also preserving them. I turned to ‘Pam the Jam’, author of the River Cottage Preserves handbook, for a couple of worthy recipes.


I decided to make a standard Orange Marmalade using Naval & Blood Oranges, and a Lemon & Honey Marmalade. I’d never seen a lemon marmalade before and I can imagine using it to top a cake as well as on your standard toast. Honey is expensive so I just used the most basic cheap honey I could find. I only needed one cup for the recipe so it wasn’t too indulgent. I made both marmalades using the whole fruit method, though I cheated a little and sliced the fruit using my food processor and then boiled it using my pressure cooker, so it was a much faster process than the recipe suggested.

freshly filled

Orange Marmalade

I’ve been collecting jars lately and I really love these ball mason jars. They are just so pretty and practical! Can you see the difference in colour between the Orange Marmalade above and the Lemon & Honey Marmalade below?

Lemon Marmalade



  1. It looks good! I have made lemon marmalade before, but it was a wee bit tart, lol! More sweetener next time. Do you let your preserves ‘mature’ before you open them, or is it a case of whatever comes out first is eaten first?

    1. I do try to let them mature a bit but I had a little left over Lemon & Honey Marmalade so that’s in a bowl in the fridge and I can confirm it’s delicious!

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