So another cheeky citrus recipe I pulled out of my hat was limoncello. I use lemons, their juice and their zest, all the time. I probably wouldn’t make something like limoncello if we weren’t drowning in lemons as there are so many other ways to use them up. But I’m glad I did.


Limoncello is delicious and quite versatile. I love to sip on it, or pour it over ice-cream. It can be quite expensive to buy so if you are a fan it’s worth making yourself.


Like cumquat brandy the recipe is quite simple- peel the zest from your lemons, add sugar (I used about a cup for a 1 litre bottle), and top up with alcohol. I used vodka as it was easier to find than grain alcohol (ethanol) and the decision to make limoncello was a spur of the moment thing. If you want to stick with tradition seek out the grain alcohol but don’t expect it to be easy to find! Shake each day for the first week to dissolve the sugar, then once a week after that for two weeks, then store. Strain the zest out before serving.



I look forward to trying the traditional recipe next winter! Have you made limoncello and if so, what alcohol did you use?




  1. This is another one I have never heard of, but then, if I’m being honest, there are probably millions, as I don’t use a lot of alcohole. BUT! This one has caught my attention as I have a happy baby lemon tree in the back yard. What would you use this for?

    1. It’s traditionally served chilled after dinner as a digestif but it’s also delicious poured over ice-cream or a plain sponge cake to create a kind of lemon syrup cake. It also makes a wonderful gift strained into a little bottle, you can top the bottle with a cork and seal with wax for that extra authentic touch.

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