Month: July 2013

Family Visit & Citrus

I have been very busy of late, so busy in fact I’ve had little time to contribute to this blog. A (temporary) full-time job and a toddler has left me worn out and craving an escape. So escape we did!

For my recent birthday weekend my husband, daughter, and I piled into our old vehicle and drove up the coast to stay at my parent’s house for the weekend. It was so nice to get out of Sydney, like they say, a change is a good as a holiday and a change of scenery for 24 hours was just what we needed.

Snow drop

The highlight for me was just walking around the garden with my daughter. She carried a little basket and collected things. We stopped and smelled every flower, looked at every bird, chased each other, and just generally enjoyed the peace and fresh air.

Willa and basket

Willa, Wazza, and Uncle

Being Winter my parent’s garden was full of citrus fruit and before we left we picked a bag each of tangelos, naval oranges, blood oranges, lemons, limes, and a little basketful of cumquats. The task took rather longer than expected as each piece of fruit was picked, handed to little Willa Rose, who then placed it carefully in the bag or basket. The extra time was worth it to see her pride in a job well done, and laugh at her feigned exhaustion if she was asked to carry more than one piece of fruit at a time.

Over the next few posts I’ll share what I did with our massive citrus haul. How do you deal with a citrus glut?