Deodorant is one of those products we use everyday without giving too much though to its cost or affect on our body. With our budget tightening I started cringing every time we were due for a new can of deodorant. Then I started reading about how deodorants and anti-perspirants work and I started cringing for entirely different reasons. These things didn’t sit well with me so I sought change. It was time to make our own.

There are various recipes for homemade deodorant on the internet and I read many of them so I understood how they worked and then tailored the basic ingredients to meet our needs. The ingredients and method are simple: 1/4 cup of cornflour, 1/4 cup bi-carb soda, enough coconut oil to combine and make a smooth paste, plus a few drops of any essential oils you like for fragrance. I chose tea tree oil for it’s antibacterial properties and gender neutral scent (there’s lavender oil in the photo below but I realised my husband probably wouldn’t like smelling like lavender so I left it out at the last minute. Lucky him.).


And there you have it- homemade deodorant! I scooped the paste into the tub leftover when I finished my body butter but any clean airtight container would do. Each morning I simply rub a dollop into my armpits after my shower. The first day I used it I was amazed. I even made my husband sniff my armpits. I made my Mum do the same the next time I saw her. This stuff works. It doesn’t stop you sweating entirely (and to be truthful after learning how anti-perspirants work this isn’t something I want) but it sure does prevent you from developing any unpleasant odour. The bonus- it does it naturally and cheaply. All of these ingredients I have in my house anyway and when you break down the cost I can make enough deodorant for a year for less than the cost of one can of the other stuff. Now that’s a saving.




  1. I have seen a lot of different recipes for home made deoderants. How is this one working for you? I mean, how does it feel, how long does it last, does it mark the clothes, etc?

  2. It’s been fantastic so far MrsYub! It does rub off on clothes, especially black items but I simply put the deodorant on after getting dressed if it’s something I’m worried about marking. It washes out without any problems. It feels good, lasts all day, we’re very happy with it. If you’ve been thinking about I’d really encourage you to give it a go. I wish I did it sooner. Even if it doesn’t work for you it’s only a couple of dollars and you can always tailor it to meet your needs. 🙂

      1. One thing worth mentioning – I think the choice of essential oil makes quite a difference. I love patchouli, so use that in mine and then use tea tree for my boyfriend’s. Just recently I ran out and didn’t get around to making more for a few days so used the tea tree one – I didn’t like it at all and felt really stinky, although it works perfectly for my boyfriend. Now that I have made my patchouli one again, I am back in love with it!

        So, if at first you don’t succeed – try another essential oil. I’m not sure how/why but it certainly makes a difference for me.

      2. So true. I really love that this can be tweaked to meet the needs (and wants!) of individuals. I bet patchouli smells divine!

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