Green Cities

There’s an assumption or stereotype that cities are grey places- drab skyscrapers, smog, people in monochrome suits shuffling from home to work and back again- but it doesn’t have to be so. In fact in my neck of the woods things are changing and have been changing for some time. I’m not just talking about parks, though there’s plenty of those, it’s the building themselves that are changing. Green rooves are appearing on buildings all across Sydney (there are 49 to date) with one of the most renown, MCentral apartment building on Harris Street in Pyrmont, right down the road. At the other end of Harris Street the Central Park development is underway (see photo below) and it epitomises green. To quote from their website:

“Frasers was one of 13 major property owners and developers to join the City of Sydney’s Better Buildings Partnership, an unprecedented collaboration committed to delivering the City’s target of 70% reduction in carbon emissions in CBD buildings by 2030.

Other eco-friendly innovations include water recycling, solar panels and tri-generation energy plants, plus car sharing programs, pedestrian paths and cycleways to reduce traffic.”

Oh and the buildings are covered in plants, did I mention that? The Central Park development moves past mere green rooves to entirely green buildings. I don’t know what your city looks like but mine is getting greener everyday and I love it.

Central Park construction



    1. They sure do NotJustGreenFingers! Imagine if all cities were as committed to such green initiatives- the positive effect on the environment would be immense. Not to mention the positive effect on the psyche of of those lucky enough to be surrounded by lush greenery rather than more-of-the-same concrete and glass.

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