Drying Herbs

Whenever I visit my parents I help them with their pruning. Ok, to be honest I wander around their garden and snip a few bay leaves here and a handful of rosemary there, nothing they would miss but great for our grocery budget. I also trim the herbs we grow in our garden and out on the verge to keep them bushy and productive. Of course I have to do something with all these harvested herbs and a great way to preserve them is by drying.

To dry your herbs they must be free of dirt so give them a good wash then hang up in a warm dry spot. Make sure they are out of direct sunlight to preserve their colour and once dry take them down and store in an airtight container. I hang mine from the kitchen lights, do whatever works for you.

kitchen light

drying herbs

bay leaves

My sister recently pruned her sage plant and dropped by with an armload of the cuttings. When I had finished drying them I compared their weight with that of a typical dry herb canister from the supermarket and estimated I had saved us more than twenty dollars by taking a few minutes to wash and truss up the excess sage with string. Bargain.


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