Bread & Butter Cucumbers

I just sat down to a lunch of bread & butter cucumbers, cheese, crackers, and a pot of Earl Grey tea. A satisfying simple lunch made even more enjoyable by the knowledge I made the pickles myself.

Bread and butter cucumbers are delicious, easy to make, and incredibly economical if you purchase the cucumbers when they’re in season or even better, grow your own. I picked up one and half kilos at the local markets when they were super cheap. They were a little wonky looking, which accounted for the extra low price, but of course this made no difference as I was going to slice them up.

Rhonda has an excellent recipe on her Down to Earth blog here and it’s the one I used in the photos below. What’s your favourite pickle recipe? How do you utilise a glut of cucumbers?


















  1. Thank you so much for your inspiration. I made these pickles on Saturday and they were included in our Sunday BBQ lunch. They were very popular particularly with the men. Seeing your pictures was the catalyst to get me moving and I will be doing another batch soon.

  2. So glad to hear that Herford Hare! I took one of these large jars up to our family farm over Christmas and we ate the whole thing in one sitting! We had them on schnitzel which was a first for me but worked really well. I must get cracking on another batch too!

    1. DO IT WEIRD AMERICAN CUCUMBERS! Surely it should work no matter the sort of cucumbers? If they have a super thick skin you might need to peel them or something? GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  3. They look fine! Though I need to buy one of those pretty funnels because two of the vacuums didn’t work. (Possibly the cucumbers’ fault??) What a fun day I’ve had though! Thanks for the inspiration Co!

    1. No worries Tillie! By the way were your jars and lids new? Some lids only work once for the vacuum pop lid. If mine don’t pop down I just keep them in the fridge, they still last for ages.

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