Nasturtium “Capers”


I’ve previously mentioned nasturtiums in my Simply stunning salad post but this time I’m using another edible part of the plant- the young seed pods. The seed pods appear after the vivid flowers have faded and due to their weight are usually found hanging out down beneath the leaves. When pickled they taste very much like capers and have hence been nicknamed ‘poor man’s capers’.

Nasturtium in the community garden

Nasturtium capers

The basic idea is to soak the freshly picked pods in brine for a day, then pack into a sterilised jar, top up with vinegar and any herbs or spices you choose to add, then wait! For my first attempt I followed the recipe in The River Cottage Preserves Handbook by Pam Corbin however there are many variations of this recipe to be found. Have you made or used nasturtium “capers”?



  1. Sounds delicious , a friend of mine says her grandmother used to make something like this, no one in the family knows how she did it, so they are excited to see your recipe.

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