Christmas Tree Top

I wanted to make my daughter something Christmas-y to wear to the upcoming family functions in the lead up to December 25th. As it’s summer it needed to be cool, and due to our strict budget it needed to be thrifty. I saw a ruffled Christmas tree top somewhere (but can’t for the life of me remember where- if you know please tell me in the comments!) and decided it was right up my alley. I already had a plain white singlet, all I needed was a little green fabric, a star button, and some brown felt. I was able to purchase all three for under $6.

First I cut a triangle out of paper to test the size of the Christmas tree.


Then I cut three strips of fabric to make the ruffles for the tree. The longest strip had to be at least twice as wide as the triangle.



Next I simply hand stitched along the top of each strip and pulled the thread at the end to gather the fabric and create the ruffle.



I referred to my triangle to ensure the ruffles were the correct width before knotting the end of the thread.



Then it was time to sew it all together! I just hand stitched the ruffles on and used the button to cover the stitching on the top layer.


The brown felt rectangle was also hand sewn, creating the trunk.


Ta da! I didn’t hem the ruffles so they are fraying a little already but I love the rustic effect. As my daughter will only wear it a couple of times it doesn’t need to be super robust. In fact I may even take the tree off after Christmas and use the singlet for another project, we’ll see. Anyway I’m happy she has something fun to wear for this merry season and it was oh so quick and easy!

Christmas top



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