Library Love

When you lack disposable income you have to make the most of what the community provides. When I stopped working full-time I suddenly lacked the cash for the books and magazines I so love to read. That’s when I became reaquainted with my local library. I couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on! A huge range of magazines, newspapers, DVDs and CDs, new books (I had a vague notion all the books would be out of date but there were the brand spanking new titles I had lusted after in the shops!), computers, scanner, photocopier, printer, free wifi, free activities and events such as rhymetime and story time for babies and toddlers, study assistance for older children doing their homework after school, and they even make it easy to identify the books that belong in the romance section!

My local library belongs to the City of Sydney and they make it so easy to get your hands on the item you desire. You can browse the collection online at home, reserve items and if they’re at another location they will bring to your local library and send you a text message when it arrives! Wonderful! Check it out here or visit your local library and rediscover what it has to offer! Perhaps you already have?



  1. I’ve done some online ordering from my library, too. It is so nice. I started with books that other libraries had and ordered them to be picked up at my library, but then I just had them set aside my titles. Have toyed with an e-reader, but honestly, mostly so I can read in bed at night and not disturb anyone else…silly reason for having one ….just need a booklight I can plug in, not on batteries. Putting it on my Christmas list right now! For a time I borrowed from 3 different libraries, but I started mixing up the books and I changed jobs, so I’m down to 2 right now!

    1. I have a little booklight for reading in bed- it’s fantastic! Sometimes I think I’d like an e-reader but then I think about my collection of books and how much I love hunting down elusive copies of old titles in secondhand bookstores and I stay content with what I have. Plus e-readers just don’t have that wonderful musty book smell!

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