Simply stunning salad

Often the best meals are those that are quick and simple. Using seasonal ingredients keeps the cost down and ensure freshness and flavour. Growing your own is even better. Not everyone has the room for a full sized veggie garden, especially in the city, but everyone can grow something. I’m a member of the local community garden and I also grow herbs and small veggies on the verge outside our home (more on that another time).

This is quick weekday meal comprised of salad greens grown myself or purchased cheaply from Paddy’s Markets. A good handful of each herb really makes it vibrant. Sometimes I add a can of tuna if I feel the need for some protein or if my husband is extra hungry. The salad is prettied up by edible nasturtium flowers, remember we eat with our eyes!

spring onions
nasturtium flowers
pepitas (toasted)
pine nuts (toasted)

olive oil
lemon juice
salt & pepper

Lettuce and kale from the community garden

Nasturtium flowers and watercress from the verge




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